The Dogs

You know the songs you hear every day on the radio? And then you hear them again at night when you go to a club? That is called saturation.

The Dogs are a tribute band that play unsaturated rock. They pay tribute to every artist they cover by bringing the “feel” and “sound” of each song they do. Time machine songs from your past that instantly transport you.

Since 1997, these four seasoned and accomplished musicians have been working on a better alternative to “Classic Rock”. The careful selection and execution of deep cut vinyl tracks will take you back to where you were when these gems were released. No costumes or gimmicks, just great tunes served up by a tight musical unit who truly love what they do, and give the proper respect and reverence these musical masterpieces deserve.

After 21 years of steady gigs, The Dogs are clearly running on all cylinders and have the same enthusiasm and love for this music as the day they started. With over 130 songs in the current library, The Dogs can easily play 4 gigs without repeating a song. The list of artists runs from Steely Dan, Grateful Dead, The Cure, Cake, The Beatles and Rolling Stones, to Herb Alpert, Frank Zappa and Jethro Tull to name a few. So come on out and give them a listen. That’s all these dogs really need!

July 21, 2019

Doors 6pm Headliner 9pm.

$15 / $25 + applicable fees

If you purchase a ticket at a table you are required to purchase dinner.
Minimum spend is $25.00 per person. You must arrive by 7pm.

Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Paying Adult.