As a part of a celebration of creativity, diversity and reinvention Montclair Place has launched ART WORKS, a unique art installation series. The program, curated by John Wolf Advisory of Los Angeles, features both well-known artists and local college students. Pieces will range from mixed media to large scale murals to interactive works.



promo-squareYou’re Never Too Young to Dream BIGHijack Hijack is one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists in today’s contemporary art scene. Hijack’s works are a revelation in street art and can be seen in cultural hot spots all over the globe, from Los Angeles to London. As he’s evolved as an artist, Hijack has crafted a persona,


nate-thumbEast End MuralNate Frizzell Acclaimed hyper realistic artist Nate Frizzell created a photo-like painting of a child surrounded by butterflies that evokes playfulness and creativity. The one-of-a-kind artwork is wrapped around a column near the East End escalators, spanning from the ground floor to the ceiling.




Mural Celebrates FashionPunk Me Tender Celebrated artist Punk Me Tender, known for his outdoor murals, created an original work inspired by fashion and an Alexander McQueen design. Using the artist’s original approach of graffiti and fabric in combination, the mural inspires elegance and embodies the fashion-forward shopper. The dress is constructed of 10 yards of silk and taffeta with mixed media, spray paint and brushed-on acrylic. The mural can be seen on the upper level at the top of the East End escalators between Barnes & Noble and Sears.



mural-cropSan Gabriel MountainsChris Trueman The first installation, which took four days to complete, can now be seen on the west-facing parking structure ramp. Celebrating Montclair’s spectacular mountain range backdrop, this stunning mural was created by students from Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga. These local artists Peyton Warrick, Jarmaine Pascua and Andrea Hernandez are former students of artist and professor Chris Trueman, who led the project. “There is no better way to begin this art series than with these talented student artists from our community,” says Trueman.