Nate Frizzell


Acclaimed hyper realistic artist Nate Frizzell created a photo-like painting of a child surrounded by butterflies that evokes playfulness and creativity. The one-of-a-kind artwork is wrapped around a column near the East End escalators, spanning from the ground floor to the ceiling.

“Most of my paintings are about self discovery, whether they seem a bit literal or more imaginative, but the goal of each piece is to tell a story that connects with the viewer and allows them to put their own thoughts and experiences into the work. I really enjoy the idea that it could mean something completely different to me than to another passer by.” the artist explains.

“I came up with this idea for Montclair Place when I was remembering having to go shopping with my parents as a kid. I don’t even know if the clothing racks in stores are the same anymore, but they used to be circular and we’d crawl into the hollow center and make forts and live in our own world while the adults shopped away. I’m always fascinated by a child’s ability to use their imagination to make even the most ordinary things magical. I wish more adults were able to hold onto a bit of that. Hopefully this artwork can be a little reminder. “

Look for more surprises from this artist soon!